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Top 7 tourist spots in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Top 7 tourist spots in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia post thumbnail image

Riyadh is the largest city in the Arabian Peninsula famous for its rich history, vibrant culture and contemporary architecture. In addition, the city boasts wonderful parks such as King Abdullah Park, interesting museums such as the Saudi National Museum and tall skyscrapers offering unforgettable views.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this charming city. Check out our list of 7 best tourist attractions must visit in Riyadh!

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7 best tourist places in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Historical diriya

Old Diriyah, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located near Riyadh, it is a historic district that offers tourists the chance to explore the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia and discover its secrets.

The city was once the home of the Saudi royal family and laid the foundations for what would eventually become a unified Saudi Arabia. Capture glimpses of ancient mud architecturenavigate the labyrinthine paths and explore the stories and traditions of the Diriyah people.

Address (Diriyah Historical Fort): PHMG+C84, Al Traif, Diriyah 13711, Saudi Arabia

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Saudi National Museum

Saudi National Museum
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Read more about History of Saudi Arabia visit the Saudi National Museum, also known as King Abdul Aziz Historical Center.

It features beautiful rock birthmarks, prehistoric animals (such as the mastodon), a recreation of the Tuwaiq mountain rangeIslamic writings carved into stone slabs, portraits from Assyrian palace500-year-old Quran manuscripts and more.

With 3,700 artifacts between statues, scripts, and one-of-a-kind sculptures, there’s always more to discover here, whether you’re a first-time or repeat visitor.

Address: King Saud Rd, 2722 hai 8745, Riyadh 12631, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Zoo

Riyadh Zoo
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The zoo in the Saudi capital is wonderful family destination, home to a diverse range of animal species. Watch lively monkeys swing in the trees, see beautiful gazelles and majestic big cats, and meet more exotic creatures Worldwide.

Address: Mosab Ibn Umair St, Al-Ahsa, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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King Abdullah Park

King Abdullah Park

Known as one of the most beautiful parks in RiyadhKing Abdullah Park is a spectacular desert park with elements of ancient Islamic gardens, beautiful lakes and streams. The lively park is also home to a variety of bird and fish species.

Some of the highlights include the wide pedestrian walkway, various exhibits and stalls, park restaurants serving mouthwatering food, Shows of illuminated fountains 110 meters highand games for children of all ages.

Address: Al Ameen Abdullah Al Ali Al Naeem St, Al Malaz, Riyadh 12836, Saudi Arabia

Al Faisaliah Tower

Al Faisaliah Tower
Photo credit: Muttaz /

Capture breathtaking views of the Riyadh skyline, visit the impressive Al Faisaliah Tower located in Al-Olaya district. With a height of over 250 meters, it is one of the tallest buildings in Riyadh.

Sky mall, offices, apartments, restaurants and a observation platform they are all located inside the skyscraper. Visitors can also make a reservation at The Globe restaurant which is housed within the famous golden globe located near the apex.

Address: MMRM+4XQ, King Fahd Rd, Al Olaya, Riyadh 30194, Saudi Arabia

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Boulevard Riyadh City

Boulevard Riyadh City
Photo credit: alsanqer abdullah H /

The Boulevard Riyadh is a prime destination for shopping and free time. Enjoy a range of luxury boutiques and international brands and shop for fashion items and accessories or home decor and electronics. This bustling hub also offers a state of the art cinema, live shows and a series of fantastic cafes and restaurants.

Address: Hittin, Riyadh 13516, Saudi Arabia

Sky Bridge United Center

Sky Bridge United Center
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The Sky Bridge Kingdom Tower is the sixth tallest skyscraper in Saudi Arabia (302.3 meters). It boasts an excellent food court with popular options such as KFC, Mcdonalds, Popeyes and some of the world’s most exclusive shopping brands such as Versace and Louis Vuitton.

This tower also houses the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh and the King Abdullah Mosque, the tallest mosque in the world.

Address: Kingdom Center, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12214, Saudi Arabia

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What is Riyadh Most Famous For?

Riyadh is The capital of Saudi Arabia which is well known for its rich history, vibrant culture and modern architecture.

The city boasts several notable attractions such as Al Masmak Fortress, Edge of the World, Murabba Palace, King Abdulaziz Historical Centre, Kingdom Center, Diriyah and Al Faisaliyah Tower.

Also, UNESCO has selected Riyadh as cultural capital of the Arab world in 2000 and the city has multiple cultural centers.

How can I spend time in Riyadh?

With so much to do and see in Riyadh, travelers are sure to enjoy. Here are some of the main attractions consider:

  • historical diriya;

  • Saudi National Museum;

  • Riyadh Zoo;

  • King Abdullah Park;

  • Al Faisaliah Tower;

  • Boulevard City of Riyadh;

  • Riyadh National Park;

  • Edge of the world Riyadh;

  • Sky Bridge United Center;

  • Wadi Hanifah Waterfall.

What should I know before traveling to Riyadh?

It is important to note that both men and women have to do this dress conservatively Always. Women are no longer required to wear the abaya, but are still required to dress loose skirts or pants AND long-sleeved shirts and blouses.

Men should wear long pants AND T-shirts or shirts with sleeves. It’s also important dress conservatively when flying to Saudi Arabiaas airlines such as Saudia will not allow you to board if you are not dressed appropriately.

Another important thing is that most shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and other public buildings have separate entrances for men and women. Besides, there are five prayers a day and many places tend to be closed during prayer time, but some may remain open.

What type of climate is Riyadh?

Riyadh has one desert climate (except for the southwestern part of the country which has a semi-arid climate), so it can get there very hot during the day and cold at night. The high temperature can soar up to 120+°F or 50°C during the summer.

When is the best time to visit Riyadh?

The best time to visit Riyadh is between November and February.

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