bentoninn Adventure The Ultimate Guide to The Best Things to Do in Clermont FL

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Things to Do in Clermont FL

When you visit Florida, you know all the popular destinations you could visit. But why not make it more interesting? Check out some of the most unusual yet cool things to do in Clermont FL.

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  • The Citrus Tower
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  • Bok Tower Gardens
  • Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards
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Top Things to Do in Clermont FL

The Citrus Tower

This tower was built in the 1950’s and stands 226 feet above ground, which puts the total height higher than sea level. The Citrus Tower stands in a stark contrast compared to Florida’s remaining flat landscape.

The tower was originally built to be considered a tribute to Florida’s citrus industry – This attraction was well-known before Disney took off and became successful, which brought hundreds of tourists in every day to look out over the orange fields.The tower remains open today. Visitors can ride the elevator to the top.

Presidents Hall of Fame

This attraction has been known as a White House memorabilia since 1960. It was originally called “House of Presidents” and known as a wax museum. Today, the President’s Hall of Fame includes White House replicas, American miniatures, and animatronics.

Outside of this location, you will be greeted by smaller replicas of Lincoln Memorial and Mt. Rushmore. Once you step inside, you will see all of the wax figures of the United States President, along with the First Lady where she will be dressed in a replica of the Inaugural Gown she wore.

You will also find several original artifacts on display through the exhibition, such as old Christmas cards, White House china, along with two champagne glasses that Gorbachev and Reagan sipped from.

Bok Tower Gardens

Although this one is located approximately an hour away from Clermont in Lake Wales, FL, this is a spot you must check when you venture to Clermont. The gardens are open to visit 365 days per year, which boast with architecture and scenery. This tower and the gardens provide an exquisite ideal for backdrops for family photos or even a family picnic. You can even dine at the on-site cafe, use as a reception venue, or plan your wedding ceremony. This is one spot you would want to make sure you book a vacation rental so you can take a few days to truly embrace this nature-like experience.

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards

This winery and vineyard officially opened its doors in February of 1989. Just 25 miles west of downtown Orlando, Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards is nestled on a 127-acres of estate in Clermont, Florida. Each year, the vines produce an abundance of grapes. With more than 160,000 visitors expected annually, the tasting room is always stocked with over 1 million bottles of wine (thankfully the vines don’t disappoint with the abundance of grapes.)

Lakeridge sells their brand of wines in major supermarkets, as well as wine shops in Florida. Their labels have won over 600 awards for their excellent winemaking. If you visit this location, you will want to make sure you have a place to stay nearby and a taxi on call. You’re sure to have fun at Lakeridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

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