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The definitive guide to Newcastle Under Lyme, North Staffordshire

The definitive guide to Newcastle Under Lyme, North Staffordshire post thumbnail image

Newcastle Under Lyme is a picturesque market town that falls in the county of North Staffordshire most famous for being the home of the Father Of Modern Circus who is currently under construction with a center called the Astley Center for Circus and Performing Arts in the city centre. Newcastle-Under-Lyme is also notable for being a university city with Keele University attracting over 12,500 students each year. This is one of the most popular towns in the region and is recognized throughout England and the world for its pottery and ceramic work.

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En route to Newcastle Under Lyme, North Staffordshire

Relax in Brampton Park

Image credit: Let’s go with the kids, Brampton Park

Brampton Park is Newcastle Under Lyme’s main flagship park and is home to the Brampton Museum, also known as the Borough Museum And Art Gallery. Brampton Park is a haven in the city and is the perfect place to unwind and relax in the city. It also has a playground, an aviary and a mini train that children can enjoy. They have a special multi activity adventure area for kids including a huge sandpit and also a water play area. Let your children have an amazing experience here with their own sensory garden and rose garden, and relax by the pond. The Museum is truly an undiscovered gem and portrays the civic history of the city, also featuring a full size Victorian street. The art gallery displays works by local and national artists. Brampton Park as a whole really is the perfect family outing.

Shop at your leisure in the city center markets

new castle below lyme city center markets
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Newcastle Under Lyme city center is renowned for having several markets including the famous general market, antiques market and Sunday event markets which vary according to the time of year and different holidays. The general market is held 4 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and you can buy fruit, vegetables, handmade items, artisan coffee and much more. The antiques and collectibles market takes place every Tuesday and Thursday and is perfect for buying unique antiques. There are other rarer markets such as the Castle Craft Market held on the third Sunday of every month where you can buy handcrafted food and drink items and also bespoke handmade products.

Take a day trip to Stoke On Trent

turn on thirty
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Stoke-On-Trent is a city located just 10 minutes’ drive from the center of New Castle Under Lyme and is world renowned for its pottery and pottery. The city is often called The Potteries in slang for the creative talent that its inhabitants possess and is known as the world capital of ceramics. We highly recommend taking a hands-on pottery class here in this iconic land of the best pottery in the world. You can also visit their museums and Shopping Village to get your shopping fix.

Take one of the mine tours at the Apedale Heritage Center

historic center footpath
Image credit: Goosey Goo, Apedale Heritage Center

You can truly understand the centuries-old industrial heritage of the Apedale Valley here at the Apedale Heritage Center. This region used to be an industrial powerhouse and by taking a mine tour here, you can truly get a firsthand understanding of the industrial activities that went on here. There is a tour of the mine every hour from 11am to 3pm and you can also visit their museum to learn more.


Why is Newcastle called under Lyme?

Newcastle-Under-Lyme took its name from the construction of the castle in 1145 by the 4th Earl of Chester.

Is Newcastle-under-Lyme a good place to live?

Newcastle Under Lyme more often sees residents who are students considering Keele University is located here, but in terms of safety, it’s known to be more dangerous than most of the rest of the UK.

What is Newcastle-under-Lyme Most Famous For?

Newcastle Under Lyme is famous for its pottery and pottery.

What area does Newcastle-under-Lyme cover?

Newcastle Under Lyme is 211 square meters large.

Is Newcastle-under-Lyme the same as Newcastle?

Newcastle is mainly used to refer to Newcastle Upon Tyne and Newcastle Under Lyme is different from Newcastle, located 3 hours drive from it.

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