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The definitive guide to Aberdeen, Scotland

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If you are looking for a warm and friendly environment Scottish city visit, Aberdeen should be at the top of your to-see list. It might be difficult to narrow down the best things to do here, but we’ve curated a list of the best places to visit.

About Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the third most populous city in the country, despite being the third largest city, and is found in the northeastern part of Scotland and has several nicknames. It’s called the City of granite and is home to Marischal College, the second largest gray granite building in the world.

The Aberdeen area also has the largest number of whiskey distilleries of any whiskey producing area in Scotland. Is called “The silver city of golden sands” and it is the offshore oil capital of Europe. There has been a recent investment in developing new energy resources in the city.

There are two historic centers in the city: Old Aberdeen where you can wander the cobbled streets, and there is foot, referred to as Fittie, which is the town’s fishing district near the waterfront, lined with small cottages and flower gardens.

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Top 5 places to visit in Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen Harbour

port of aberdeen

Aberdeen Harbor is a bustling hub that appeals to both tourists and locals alike. You can enjoy some delicious seafood in one of the many restaurants in this area. Pocra Quay home to The Silver Darling and Moonfish Cafe located in Correction Wynd, both serve deliciously prepared shellfish and fish.

The historic port was founded in 1136 and is reputed to be Britain’s oldest trading business. This is the largest port in northern Scotland, where you can embark on ferries to Shetland and Orkney.

Aberdeen beach

aberdeen beach

Aberdeen Beach is located a short distance from the center of Aberdeen. The beach has earlier received a beach resort award, and the coast is perfect for a walk. The beach is located on the North Sea coast and its promenade also features various activities such as cycling and jogging. Children can enjoy playing on the golden sand of this beach, and there are also several bars and restaurants on the beach itself.

Bring your family to Codona Amusement Park for a hugely fun day out, and you can also visit the Beach Leisure Centre, go skating at the Linx Ice Arena, have a coffee in one of the cafes here and even join a family funfair. There wouldn’t be a dull moment at this beach!

Union street

aberdeen union street

Union Street is one of the most popular streets in the Aberdeen area. It’s a main shopping destination your heart out. Here you will find many coffee chains and fast food chains, and you can also go to Trinity shopping center where you can find major shopping brands like Primark, Poundland and Toytown.

THE Aberdeen Maritime Museum it’s on this street and is representative of the long and rich history the city shares with the sea – from fishing to trading and even power generation, you really get an insider’s view of what’s going on in Aberdeen. Union Street is in and around Old Aberdeen or Aberdeen Old Town which is why it features some gems such as the BrewDog Castlegate pub which specializes in local craft beers.

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Cathedral of San Macarius

st machar's cathedral aberdeen

St. Machar’s Cathedral is an ancient church in Scotland and is referred to as Old Machar. It is located in the city center of Old Aberdeen. What used to be a famous cathedral is now a high kirk as it has not been the seat of a bishop since 1690. Inside the church you will also find several important medieval artefacts such as the 12th century shrine cross and a 7th or 8th century cross slab from Seaton.

Everything within the church, from the stunning stained glass windows and heraldic ceiling, is steeped in history. There are also several graves inside the church and several graves outside around the church where you can pay your respects.

Dunnottar Castle

dunnottar castle aberdeen

This castle is a ruined medieval fortress located 2 miles away from Stonehaven. The buildings that remain today are believed to date from the 15th and 16th centuries, but the fort itself was built on this site during the early Middle Ages. The Honors Of Scotland, which are the Scottish crown jewels, are kept here, where they were hidden during an invasion in the 17th century.

Dunnottar Castle has been a crucial part of Scottish history, including how it used its defensive strength and location to protect the area from the 18th century Jacobite risings.


What is Aberdeen Scotland Most Famous For?

Aberdeen Scotland is known for its rich history, its long coastlines bordering the North Sea and the University of Aberdeen which is known for its high quality education worldwide.

Is Aberdeen worth seeing?

Aberdeen in the UK is a city well worth seeing for its warmth, beaches and medieval buildings.

Is Aberdeen a Tory city?

After the 2020 election, the political composition of Aberdeen Council changed to the Scottish National Party.

How long is the trip from Aberdeen to Edinburgh?

It takes approximately 2 hours 33 minutes to travel from Aberdeen to Edinburgh by train to Waverly station, covering a distance of 90 miles (148 km).

Is Aberdeen good for tourists?

Aberdeen is ideal for tourists to visit all year round. Aberdeenshire has several destinations of natural wonders, historic buildings and castles.

What’s the best part of Aberdeen?

The most beautiful parts of Aberdeen are Rosemount and Midstock. Old Aberdeen is another popular area here.

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