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The Best Beaches Near Lisbon

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“Exploring Lisbon’s beaches is a unique cultural experience in Portugal. A city steeped in history has in juxtaposition to it, a fun and young energy in its beaches. Gorgeous sunsets, surfing sessions, and beach soccer are just some of the exciting things the beautiful sandy beaches in Lisbon have to offer,” says Aakanksha, a global beach lover.

Lisbon, a city adorned with hills and historic charm, also boasts a coastline that reveals stunning beaches, each with its unique character. Whether you seek serene tranquility, rugged beauty, or vibrant shores, the beaches near Lisbon offer a coastal palette that caters to every taste. Let’s explore the sun-kissed world of Lisbon’s best beaches.

A Quick Overview Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Lisbon:

  1. Costa Da Caparica: Vibrant and lively, adorned with beach bars and stunning sunset views.
  2. Praia Da Ursa Beach: Secluded cove of tranquility with unique rock formations.
  3. Praia Da Figueirinha: Scenic and peaceful, accessible by a charming walk.
  4. Praia De Carcavelos: Lively ambiance, ideal for surfers, and a vast stretch of golden sand.
  5. Praia Da Adraga: Nature’s masterpiece with dramatic seascape, tidal pools, and unique rock formations.
  6. Praia Da Conceição: Family-friendly with golden sands, azure waters, and a charming promenade.
  7. Fonte Da Telha: Authentic fishing community ambiance, clear waters, and a vibrant local lifestyle.
  8. Praia De São Pedro: Hidden gem within Sintra Cascais Natural Park, surrounded by cliffs and lush greenery.
  9. Sintra Cascais Natural Park: Untamed coastline, hidden coves, cliffs, and diverse ecosystems.
  10. Praia Dos Galapinhos: Secluded paradise in Arrábida Natural Park with crystal-clear waters and lush greenery.
  11. Praia Da Rainha: Historical charm, the first beach visited by Queen Amelia, framed by colorful fishermen’s houses.
  12. Praia De Galápos: Hidden jewel along Arrábida coastline, pristine with turquoise waters and lush cliffs.
  13. Praia Das Maçãs: Retro vibe with historic charm, featuring an old-world tram running parallel to the beach.
  14. Cascais Praia: Urban sophistication meets coastal relaxation, with vibrant streets and fresh seafood indulgence.

The Best Lisbon Beaches

Costa Da Caparica

Nestled along the 30-kilometer stretch of golden sands, Costa Da Caparica is a haven for beach lovers. The vibrant atmosphere, dotted with beach bars and restaurants, creates a lively backdrop. The stunning sunset views and the Atlantic’s rhythmic embrace make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Praia Da Ursa Beach

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Prepare for a unique journey like no other as you venture to Praia Da Ursa. Hidden beneath towering cliffs, this beach is a secret cove of tranquility. Its unique rock formations, resembling a bear and its cub, add a touch of mystery to the secluded beauty that awaits. This is one of the best beaches in Lisbon.

Praia Da Figueirinha

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For those craving a blend of adventure and relaxation, Praia Da Figueirinha provides the perfect mix. Accessible by a scenic walk, this beach boasts calm waters and fine golden sand, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful day by the sea.

Praia De Carcavelos

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Image Credit: Lisbon Beaches Guide

Known for its lively ambiance and vast stretch of sand, Praia De Carcavelos is a beloved destination for surfers and beachgoers. The waves beckon water enthusiasts, while the beachside cafes offer a perfect setting for indulging in local delights.

Praia Da Adraga

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Nature takes center stage at Praia Da Adraga, nestled between cliffs and bathed in a dramatic seascape. This beach is an artist’s dream, with its rugged beauty, tidal pools, and unique rock formations, creating a picturesque escape.

Praia Da Conceição

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Image Credit: Lisbon Beaches Guide

Embrace the glamour of the Cascais region at Praia Da Conceição. This family-friendly beach combines golden sands with azure waters, offering a relaxed atmosphere. A stroll along the elegant promenade reveals charming shops and cafes.

Fonte Da Telha

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Immerse yourself in the local culture at Fonte Da Telha, where traditional fishing boats line the shore. This beach, known for its clear waters and vibrant fishing community, offers a glimpse into the authentic coastal lifestyle.

Praia De São Pedro Do Estoril

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A gem within the Sintra Cascais Natural Park, Praia De São Pedro beckons with its unspoiled beauty. Surrounded by cliffs and lush greenery, it provides a serene escape, perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Sintra Cascais Natural Park

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Beyond individual beaches, the Sintra Cascais Natural Park encompasses a stretch of untamed coastline. Explore hidden coves, cliffs, and diverse ecosystems, creating a nature lover’s paradise within easy reach of Lisbon.

Praia Dos Galapinhos

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Image Credit: Lisbon Beaches Guide

Tucked away in the Arrábida Natural Park, Praia Dos Galapinhos is a secluded paradise. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and lush greenery, this beach feels like a private retreat, inviting you to unwind in nature’s embrace.

Praia Da Rainha

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Steeped in history and charm, Praia Da Rainha holds the title of the first beach Queen Amelia visited. The small but inviting stretch of sand, framed by colorful fishermen’s houses, exudes a nostalgic allure.

Praia De Galápos

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Image Credit: Lisbon Beaches Guide

A hidden jewel along the Arrábida coastline, Praia De Galápos offers a pristine escape. The turquoise waters, backed by lush cliffs, create a mesmerizing landscape, inviting visitors to savor the untouched beauty.

Praia Das Maçãs

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Infused with a retro vibe, Praia Das Maçãs charms with its old-world allure. A historic tram runs parallel to the beach, adding a touch of nostalgia to the scenic surroundings.

Cascais Praia

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Fronting the charming town of Cascais, this beach combines urban sophistication with coastal relaxation. Enjoy a leisurely day by the sea, followed by exploring the vibrant streets and indulging in fresh seafood.


Are these beaches suitable for families?

Yes, several beaches like Praia Da Conceição and Praia De São Pedro offer family-friendly environments with calm waters and amenities.

Which beach is best for surfing near Lisbon?

Praia De Carcavelos is renowned for its lively atmosphere and consistent waves, making it a hotspot for surfers.

Are there hiking opportunities near these beaches?

Absolutely! Explore the stunning cliffs and lush greenery near Praia Da Adraga or venture into Sintra Cascais Natural Park for scenic coastal hikes.

Can I find authentic local experiences at these beaches?

Certainly! Fonte Da Telha offers an authentic fishing community ambiance, providing a glimpse into the vibrant local lifestyle.

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