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The 9 most beautiful beaches in Dubai

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Dubai is known for its opulent hotels, gleaming skyscrapers and, of course, its pristine beaches. It is considered the pearl of UAE. Most of Dubai’s beaches are close to the main city, but some of them are secluded on man-made islands off the coast of Dubai.

Along with the rapid development that Dubai has undergone over the past 15-20 years, several have come recently landscaped artificial beaches for the enjoyment of locals and tourists alike. Dubai offers beaches to suit every preference, whether you’re a sun lover, a water sports enthusiast or just looking to unwind and relax by the water.


We highly recommend relaxing in one of the many famous beach clubs in Dubai and enjoy the sound of the waves.

Dubai’s beaches are indicative of the city’s devotion luxury, leisure and adventure. So, pack your bags, slather on some sunscreen, and get ready for a spectacular beach vacation in Dubai! Here are our top picks for the best beaches in Dubai.

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9 best beaches in Dubai

Beach at sunset

Image Credit:, Natasha Amar, Sunset Beach Dubai

Sunset Beach, a secret shrine along Jumeirah Beach Road, truly lives up to its name. You will be fascinated by the beautiful sunset views that this beach has to offer as the golden sun sets below the horizon, casting vibrant hues across the sky.

It is a favorite with locals and tourists alike because of its soft white sand and crystal clear blue waves. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Sunset Beach offers a tranquil atmosphere for beachgoers looking for a relaxing day.

Don’t forget to snap some Instagram-worthy photos with the magnificent and iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel in the background.

La Mer Beach

the dubai sea
Image Credit: Prasit Wiwatchaiwong/

If you’re looking for a beach experience that combines relaxation in the sun with lively entertainment, look no further than La Mer Beach. Located in the vibrant Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) area.this trendy beach destination offers a plethora of activities for all ages.

Treat yourself to retail therapy at beach boutiquessavor mouthwatering trendy culinary delights restaurants, or simply bask in the sun on the soft sandy shores. La Mer Beach also boasts a water parkmaking it an ideal location for families looking for a fun-filled day by the sea.

La Mer is home to many bathing facilities and the Beach Club at sea level features luxury mini beach houses which are air conditioned beach tents that you can rent to cool off during your day at the beach and relax.

Kite beach

kite beach dubai
Image Credit:, Kite Beach

Calling all adrenaline junkies and water sports enthusiasts! Kite Beach is your ultimate playground for exciting water adventures. Kite Beach is quite close to Jumeirah Beach Park, like La Mer, and this beach is famous for its perfect conditions for kitesurfing, paddle boarding and beach volleyball.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you harness the power of the wind and glide across the azure waters. If you prefer a more relaxed day, take a walk along the seafront or simply relax on the soft sand, savoring the gentle sea breeze.

Jumeirah Beach (JBR Beach)

Jumeirah Beach JBR dubai
Image Credit: Creative Family /

The legendary Jumeirah Beach or JBR Open Beach in must be included in any list of The best beaches in Dubai. This expansive coastline provides a variety of beach clubs and lavish resortsalong the length of the famous Jumeirah Beach Road, which is walking distance from Dubai Marina and the Dubai Marina Mall. This is also the largest stretch of beach in the city.

Jumeirah Beach ensures an extravagant experience whether you want to relax on a private beach, sip cool cocktails at a seaside bar or indulge in a revitalizing spa treatment.

Explore the beautiful Jumeirah Beach Park nearby, ideal for a family picnic or evening stroll, or to soak up the splendor of the Jumeirah Beach Hotelwhich is a sail-shaped beach resort similar to the shape of Burj Al Arab, located near Kite Beach. All guests of this hotel have free access to Wild Wadi Water Park.

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Al Sufouh Beach or Black Palace Beach

dubai black palace beach
Image Credit: Melinda Nagy/

Al Sufouh BeachAlso known as Black Palace Beachit is a serene and relaxing beach for those who want a little respite and serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The world-famous 7-star hotel on its own private island, Burj Al Arab, can be clearly seen from this public beach, providing a beautiful backdrop to your beach day. Another nickname for this relaxing beach is Secret Beach.

Umm Suqeim beach

umm suqeim beach dubai
Image credit:, Umm Suqeim Beach

Jumeirah public beachoften referred to as Umm Suqeim beach, is a lively and welcoming beach that both tourists and locals enjoy to the fullest. This public beach offers a wide variety of services, ensuring every visitor has the perfect beach day.

While setting up a file barbecue picnics area for a relaxing snack by the sea, your children can play in the numerous playgrounds Here.

This is also one of the few beaches that offer and allow surfing night swimming until midnight with Smart lights for safety. THE Wild Wadi Water Park it is located near this beach and your kids will love to visit it!

Beach volleyball courts and ample space for other beach sports is available for those interested in exercise. Enjoy a cool swim in the blue waters safe in the knowledge that trained lifeguards are on duty to ensure your safety.

A unique experience to have in Umm Suqeim Beach is to visit the Beach library. You can borrow books, sit on an ottoman right by the sea and enjoy your time reading with the best possible view.

Al Mamzar beach park

at mamzar beach park dubai
Image Credit: Natharsha/

An extraordinary jewel, Al Mamzar Beach Park combines the charm of lush landscape with the beauty of a sandy beach. This sprawling beach park, found in central Dubai, offers the ideal mix of leisure and entertainment.

There are pools in the park where you can relax and refresh yourself. Gather your friends for a game of beach volleyball or rent a bike to explore the palm-lined beachfront.

Marine beach

dubai marina beach
Image Credit:, Marina Beach

Marina is a luxurious area of ​​Dubai and Marina Beach is a must visit. It is walking distance from Jumeirah Beach Park. you will find it bars along this beach and several tourists relaxing here and having their drinks with some of the best views in the city.

You can also view Azure waters hence, which is Dubai’s newest man-made island, home to Ain Dubai, which is the largest Ferris wheel. The waters here are calm and mostly peaceful like many beaches in Dubai, making it perfect for relaxing. The beach also has several watersports to choose from.

Palm Jumeirah – WHITE Beach Club

dubai white beach
Image Credit: TimeOut Dubai, WHITE Beach Club

While I’m at it no public beaches in Palm Jumeiraha great way to relax at the beach is to visit the WHITE Beach Club There. WHITE Beach Club has its own private beach and is located on tip of the Palm Jumeirah artificial island.

The beach club has a pool which stays open late into the night and the beach is open all day. It is known for its impeccable service and fame Sunday brunch with a free flow of alcohol.

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What is the most beautiful beach in Dubai?

Sunset Beach, Kite Beach, JBR Beach, Jumeirah Beach Park, Black Palace Beach and Marina Beach are some of the best beaches in Dubai.

Are there beaches in Dubai?

Yes, there are several amazing beaches in Dubai and even on the islands around Dubai to choose from.

Are Dubai beaches safe for swimming?

Most of Dubai’s beaches are swimmable, especially the beautiful sandy Umm Suqeim Beach where you can swim until midnight.

Are the beaches in Dubai clean?

Dubai has some of the cleanest beaches in the world as it puts environmental conservation high on the priority list.

Does Dubai have good beaches?

Yes, there are several amazing beaches in Dubai and even on the islands around Dubai to choose from.

Are there white sand beaches in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai has several white sand beaches.

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