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Everything you need to know about Boulevard Riyadh City

Everything you need to know about Boulevard Riyadh City post thumbnail image

Boulevard Riyadh City, also known as The Boulevard, is a large entertainment and shopping complex and one of the biggest season areas of Riyadh. Addresses various interests – adventure seekers, sports enthusiasts, shopaholics and big music fans. Here you are all you need to know before visiting Boulevard Riyadh City!

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Everything you need to know about Boulevard Riyadh City

Where is Boulevard Riyadh located?

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Boulevard Riyadh City is located in the Hittin neighborhood, near Boulevard World. It mainly operates during the year round Riyadh season entertainment and sports festival — a major event that lasts for five months, usually from October to February.

Address: Hittin, Riyadh 13516, Saudi Arabia

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Do you have to pay to enter Riyadh Boulevard?

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The entrance to Riyadh City Boulevard is free. On the other hand, The world of the avenuewhich is near the Riyadh City Boulevard, has a ticket price of RAS 100 during the week and RAS 150 on the weekends.

Please note that all ticket holders and their belongings may be subject to search at the venue entrance. Prohibited and dangerous items or any items that the organizer or venue security personnel consider a security risk will be confiscated.

In addition, photographs, video and audio recordings of the ticket holder may be captured and used on paper and electronic media. Furthermore, you are solely responsible for controlling the date, time, location and age limit of the event. Early arrival is recommended!

In case of cancellation of the event, the ticket price will be refunded to the supplier’s e-wallet. Click Here for the latest information on dates, ticket prices and the organizer of the event.

What is the capacity of Boulevard Riyadh City?

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There is no information available on the capacity of the magnificent Riyadh City Boulevard. However, the complex is said to be spread over 220 acres (89 ha) and divided into nine sub-areas.

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What to do at Boulevard Riyadh City?

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Boulevard Riyadh City caters for all ages and offerings nine subzones with a number of famous attractions: The Musical Fountain or Dancing Fountain, The Square, a replica of New York’s Times Square, The Garden, Trocadero Area, inspired by Coventry Street, Music Area, Avalanche Area, Theaters Area, Studio Area and London’s Takenda Center.

Zones provide a variety of entertainment optionsincluding open-air theatres, cafes, numerous restaurants, hookah lounges and numerous sporting, musical and theatrical events.

What to visit near Boulevard Riyadh City?

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To explore Reuben square on the Northern Ring Road which offers a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options, visit the spectacular Suspension bridge at Kingdom TowerTHE National Museum of Saudi Arabia (a must for history buffs), a beautiful King Abdullah Park with playgrounds and picnic areas, or Red sand dunes where you can enjoy thrilling activities like sand boarding, dune bashing and buggy riding, perfect for the adventurous spirit!

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