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A Shopper’s Guide to Dragon Mart Dubai

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Dubai is known for its fun shopping experiences especially because Dubai is home to many brands and homegrown stores but the most unique and vibrant shopping destinations in the country and the region is the Dragon mart. Located in the center of the city, Dragon Mart is a symbol of the expanding economic relations between the United Arab Emirates and China. It provides customers with a wide range of Chinese goods in a traditional shopping mall environment.

It’s not just a shopping mall it’s a marketplace that brings the best features of China to Dubai. As one of the largest trading hubs for Chinese products outside of China, Dragon mart offers a wide variety of shopping options from building materials, electronics, clothing items, furniture, toys, textiles and many more things.

A Quick Overview

1. Dragon Mart Offering a large selection of Chinese items, Dubai is a unique shopping destination in the United Arab Emirates, signifying strong commercial relations between the UAE and China.

2. The mall is made up of Dragon Mart 1 and Dragon Mart 2, which include more than 6,000 stores as well as eateries, entertainment venues, and leisure activities.

3. Stores provide a range of goods in a conventional mall setting, such as building supplies, electronics, apparel, furniture, toys, and textiles.

4. Areas devoted to certain product categories improve the shopping experience by engrossing customers in Chinese business and culture.

5. Bargaining is popular and gives consumers an opportunity to receive the best deal possible.

6. There are other entertainment alternatives, such as an indoor football field, Fabyland for kid-friendly games, and Novo Cinemas with 12 cinemas.

7. There are many of places to eat, with more than fifty cafés and restaurants serving both regional and international cuisine.

8. There are many different types of accommodations close to Dragon Mart, ranging from opulent alternatives like Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai to more affordable ones like Premier Inn Dragon Mart.

Location and Accessibility

Dragon Mart is very accessible to tourists or just shoppers in general but the best part is that it’s located very close to the metro station. Whether you are a local citizen or even a visitor, hopping on the metro or just taking a bus to the mart is very cost effective. Because of how easy it is to reach here people enjoy it a lot more when they visit Dragon mart.

The mall comprises of Dragon mart 1 and Dragon Mart 2 both of which have different sections of malls and shops that cater to different things and collectively consists of more than 6,000 shops, dining, entertainment and leisure attractions.

The Shopping Experience

Each shop in this mart has something to offer. Every corner has some type of retail therapy from perfume to clothes that you won’t want to leave once you get inside the door. The mall is divided in sections each dedicated to specific product categories. The minute you step inside you enter the world of Chinese culture and commerce.

Quality and Prices

One stand out feature about the dragon mart is that their quality is amazing, every product feels high quality and long lasting and this ensures that the shoppers get value for their money. The price range here also fluctuates but because of having constant discounts and competitive prices it becomes very affordable. If you enjoy bargaining this is your place to be.

Whether you are looking for furniture and decoration for your house or lights and accessories or you just want to buy affordable items for your family this is your place to be. There are many shops selling the same things so you will have to definitely walk and go to a few before you buy your best item.

Entertainment and Leisure

If you want to take a break from all the shopping this mall offers a lot more to do that is going to keep you entertained until you get back to shopping. The Novo Cinemas at Dragon Mart 2 has 12 theatres that screen local, Pakistani, Indian, and English movies, Fabyland is another spot that is a gaming spot for children of all ages. The mall also has an indoor football field space for your children to have some fun.

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Dining options

Dragon mart has more than 50 restaurants and cafés that serve the best food. They have some of the best restaurants like the Mahal Turkish Cuisine, Al Arrab, Al Farooj and Kababak. Their food court has some of the most famous food chains like McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Subway and many more. They also have cafés with the best coffee for you to drink it while you enjoy this shopping mall. You’ll never run out of options and your shopping experience will only keep getting better.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting Dragon mart

  • Wear comfortable footwear because the mall is big and there is a lot of walking that needs to be done so make sure to be comfortable.
  • Visit during weekdays if you can to avoid the weekend rush that can make it easier for you to shop.
  • You will have to remember to bargain at your best in dragon mart so that you can shop more and get value for your money
  • Park close to the section you want to shop so you can easily make your way out once you’re done shopping for that item.

Where To Stay?

There are many hotels connected and available near the dragon mart where you can stay to be very close to the mall. If you are looking for luxury accommodations the Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai is a short drive away, providing elegant rooms and the best amenities amidst the city’s bustling atmosphere. For more affordable options there is Premier Inn Dragon Mart, which provides affordable yet modern rooms and is very close to dragon mart. Whether you are looking for more budget friendly options or luxurious indulgence, there are many options near dragon mart to suit every traveler’s need.

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From its vast selection of Chinese products to its bustling atmosphere, dragon mart is an absolute dream for shoppers of all ages. So whether you are in need of a souvenir or just looking for high quality goods at affordable prices, be sure to have dragon mart on your list the next time you visit Dubai. Happy shopping!


How can I get to Dragon Mart?

Dragon Mart is centrally located in Dubai and easily accessible by metro and bus, making it convenient for both locals and tourists to visit.

Are there dining options available at Dragon Mart?

Yes, Dragon Mart offers over 50 dining options ranging from international fast-food chains to local cuisines, ensuring visitors have a variety of food choices.

Can I bargain at Dragon Mart?

Yes, bargaining is a common practice at Dragon Mart, allowing shoppers to negotiate prices and get the best deals on their purchases.

What kind of entertainment options are available at Dragon Mart?

Dragon Mart provides several entertainment options, including Novo Cinemas with 12 theaters, Fabyland for children’s gaming, and an indoor football field, catering to both adults and children.

Is it easy to find parking at Dragon Mart?

Yes, Dragon Mart has ample parking spaces. It’s recommended to park close to the section you plan to shop in for convenience when leaving.

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