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8 Best Things to Do in December in Miami, Florida

8 Best Things to Do in December in Miami, Florida post thumbnail image

From joyful pop-up bars to breathtaking light shows, surviving marathon shopping at places like the Dolphin Mall or Dadeland – you don’t need to miss any of the month’s festive events happening in December in Miami.

We wanted to give you what we do best, which is to unveil the best things to do in Miami in the spirit of the season! December and the holidays are almost here, so there are lots of bright and festive things to enjoy in the city.

One of the greatest times to visit Miami Beach and Greater Miami is in December. There is activity all month long, including art fairs and Christmas day celebrations. Additionally, it’s a great time to enjoy the holidays outside in the warm sunshine and blue skies.

December also marks the start of Miami Arts, Culture & Heritage Months, a time when exclusive deals and activities highlight the city’s rich multicultural cultural attractions.

With its beautiful beaches, diverse culture, and lively atmosphere, the city offers a plethora of activities for both locals and visitors to enjoy during December.

So, is it a good idea to go to Miami in December? A wide range of cultural experiences, mild weather, and a festive atmosphere make December an ideal time to visit the city.

Featuring everything from magnificent Christmas lights to outstanding symphonies, here is your insider’s guide to December in Miami.

A Glimpse Of This Blog:

  • Art Basel Miami brings together leading galleries and artists, turning Miami Beach into a hub for the international art scene.
  • Pinto’s Farm is more than just an attraction, it’s an immersive experience that transports visitors from the bustling city to a serene rural oasis.
  • Experience the magic of the holidays at Zoo Lights. The zoo is illuminated with thousands of colorful lights, creating a festive atmosphere. 
  • Miami hosts several holiday boat parades in December. Miami’s Holiday Boat Parades are a testament to the city’s ability to blend its maritime culture with the festive cheer of the holidays.
  • “Nights of Light Miami” at Pinecrest Gardens is a cherished tradition, enchanting visitors with its dazzling displays and festive ambiance.
  • Santa’s Enchanted Forest is the world’s largest holiday theme park. It features over 100 rides, shows, live performances, and attractions, making it a great destination for those looking to get into the holiday spirit.
  • Deering Estate is Nestled along the shores of Biscayne Bay, this historic site comes alive during the holidays. So visitors can savor the season while enjoying the historic surroundings.
  • New World Symphony is a cultural gem that has redefined the classical music experience. The symphony is celebrated for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of orchestral performances and engaging with diverse audiences.

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8 Great Places to Enjoy in December in Miami

Art Basel Miami Beach

Miami hosts one of the biggest art events on the planet each year. The world’s most prestigious galleries and art enthusiasts gather at the globally recognized Art Basel to honor the creations of the greatest contemporary artists.

Further, even if you’re not an art expert, the vibrant atmosphere and innovative installations make it a must-see event.

However, Miami Art Week has come to be known for the related satellite fairs, gallery exhibits, star-studded parties, and events.

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Pinto’s Farm

Pinto's Farm in December in Miami
Photo Credit: Facebook/Pinto’s Farm

Over the years, Pinto’s Farm, a local family attraction in the Redland area, has grown extremely popular. That’s probably because the farm always observes holidays in the right way.

The farm changes dramatically over the course of the December Winterland at the Farm event, featuring hot chocolate and pictures with Santa, Sprinkle the Gingerbread Cookie, and Nix the Snowman, among others.

Seeking a day of family-friendly adventure and a touch of rural charm? Pinto’s Farm stands as an inviting haven in the heart of Miami’s Redland district.

Beyond its scenic beauty and engaging activities, it has become a symbol of community, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Zoo Lights at Zoo Miami

Zoo Lights at Zoo in Miami in December in Miami
Photo credit: Casiola/Zoo Lights

For a family adventure, don’t miss the dazzling Zoo Lights at Zoo Miami.

Throughout December, the zoo transforms into a magical wonderland with thousands of twinkling lights, festive decorations, and holiday-themed activities. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the holiday spirit while exploring the world of wildlife.

However, zoo Miami attracts visitors with its breathtaking exhibits and animals from around the globe. Some of the favorite animals are tree kangaroos, Komodo dragons, and clouded leopards. They face strong competition from wild animals like lions, koalas, gorillas, giraffes, and colorful birds.

Anna, a local girl, advises – “It’s always a good idea to visit a zoo, and Zoo Miami is no exception. You can visit this place in both the summer and the winter, and you won’t be disappointed.” 

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Holiday Boat Parades

Holiday Boat Parades in December in Miami
Photo Credit: Visit Alexandria/ Holiday Boat Parades

Miami, known for its vibrant culture and stunning waterfront, comes alive with festive spirit during the holiday season.

One of the most enchanting and unique traditions that locals and visitors alike eagerly anticipate is the Holiday Boat Parades. So, gather your loved ones and let the glittering lights of the boat parades illuminate your holiday season in Miami.

And don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the magic. Photo opportunities abound due to the lights reflecting on the water, the silhouettes of boats against the night sky, and the festive atmosphere.

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Pinecrest Gardens Nights of Lights

Pinecrest Gardens Nights of Lights in December in Miami
Photo Credit: Planet of hotels/Pinecrest Gardens Nights

Explore Pinecrest Gardens Nights of Lights, a Miami winter wonderland. A creative splash of holiday lights decorates this stunning landscape from early December to early January.

While the children enjoy a magical Story Time with Mrs. Claus, you can explore the gardens and holiday maze, indulge in delicious foods, and sip a cocktail.

Families, friends, and neighbors come together to celebrate the joy of the season.

The event fosters a sense of togetherness and connection, making it a quintessential part of Miami’s holiday traditions. Therefore, bundle up and immerse yourself in the luminous beauty of “Nights of Light” at Pinecrest Gardens.

Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Santa’s Enchanted Forest
Photo Credit: Planet of hotels/Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Every year, the largest holiday theme park in the world, Santa’s Enchanted Forest, opens in Miami’s backyard. Located in Tropical Park, the annual Christmas extravaganza that blends amusement park attractions welcomes large crowds from late October to early January.

Additionally, holiday karaoke, life-sized decorations, a spectacular light show, and the tallest Christmas tree in South Florida are just a few of Santa’s Enchanted Forest attractions. So, whether you’re seeking thrilling rides, dazzling lights, or a visit with Santa himself, this enchanting experience offers something for everyone.

Historic Holiday Decor at Deering Estates

Historic Holiday Decor at Deering Estates in December in Miami

Take a trip back in time to a traditional Christmas celebration as a way to celebrate Christmas in Miami.

Deering Estate’s historic holiday décor in Miami offers a special fusion of tradition, elegance, and joyous enchantment. It offers a wonderful opportunity for visitors to travel back in time and enjoy the holidays in a location that captures the timeless beauty of Miami’s history.

Jon, an enthusiastic traveler, advises – “Explore the holiday décor created by award-winning designers and stroll through the historic houses on the Deering Estate grounds, such as the Stone House Library and Richmond Cottage, for a little retro fun. “

Enjoy the smells of the season along with the sights and sounds of the past.

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New World Symphony At The New World Center

New World Symphony in December in Miami

December in Miami is a time when the city’s cultural landscape comes to life, with the New World Symphony leading the way.

The New World Symphony, known for its innovative classical music, brings a touch of musical magic to the holiday season. 

Attend a holiday symphony that honors diverse cultural heritage with your relatives, friends, and yourself!

Enjoy musical selections from various productions, such as The Nutcracker, The Polar Express, Navidad Latina, and Hanukkah Festival Overture.

One of the greatest Miami holiday celebrations that you shouldn’t miss is this unique event, which takes place one day every year in December.


What is shopping like in Miami?

Miami offers an exciting and diverse shopping experience, whether you’re interested in local markets, luxury shopping, or exploring unique neighborhoods. 

What’s the weather like in Miami Beach during December?

December in Miami is typically mild and pleasant. The average high temperature ranges from 74°F to 77°F (23°C to 25°C), making it comfortable for outdoor activities.

Are there family-friendly activities in Miami during December?

Definitely yes! In addition to holiday events, you can visit Jungle Island, the Miami Children’s Museum, or explore the Miami Science Museum.

Are there any water-related activities to enjoy in December?

Yes, Miami’s warm weather allows for water activities even in December. You can go snorkeling or diving in Biscayne National Park, take a boat tour of the bay, or simply relax on the beautiful beaches.

How do people dress in Miami in December?

Given the mild temperatures, people in Miami often dress in light and comfortable clothing during December. It’s common to see locals and visitors wearing shorts, T-shirts, sundresses, and light layers. Since it can get cooler in the evenings, especially by the water, bringing a light jacket or sweater is advisable.

How is Miami at Christmas?

Miami during Christmas offers a unique and vibrant atmosphere with a distinct blend of cultural influences. Even though Miami doesn’t have the same traditional winter wonderland that is associated with Christmas in colder climates, the city nonetheless has a certain allure.

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