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6 Reasons To Spend Christmas In Dubai

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From visiting Christmas markets to skiing, going to Global Village, Winter City at Expo City, and having traditional Christmas meals – see the favorite ways to celebrate Christmas in Dubai.

Christmas in Dubai offers a unique and amazing celebration.

Even though the majority of Dubai’s population is Muslim, the city has welcomed the Christmas spirit thanks to its multicultural and multinational population.

With Christmas celebrations, charming markets, and festive decorations adorning its famous buildings, the city comes alive.

Dubai is the ideal place to go on a winter vacation in December because of its mild and pleasant climate.

As the city transforms into a glittering wonderland, adorned with lights and festive cheer, spending Christmas in Dubai becomes an experience like no other.

So what can you anticipate in Dubai during the Christmas season, save from the assurance that the stores will be open on Christmas Eve!?

We’ll walk you through all the information you need to organize your vacation during this special time of year and feel festive.

A Glimpse Of This Blog:

  • Visit the best Christmas markets in Dubai such as Madinat Jumeirah Festive Market, Winter Garden at Habtoor City, and Winter District at Emirates Towers.
  • Do Christmas at Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates and feel the lovely festive vibe.
  • Celebrate Christmas at the Global Village or attend Winter City at Expo City Dubai which becomes a festive wonderland.
  • Have Christmas Day brunches or traditional Christmas dinner and enjoy a fantastic Christmas meal in Dubai.
  • Dubai experiences mild and pleasant weather during Christmas, with average daytime highs of 26°C/78.8°F and seawater temperatures of 25.6°C/78°F.

Best Things to Do for Christmas in Dubai

Visit Christmas Markets

A trip to a Christmas market is an essential part of every winter holiday.

There are several outdoor locations where you may get special gifts and take part in a variety of family-friendly activities, especially with the start of the Dubai Shopping Festival and Christmas celebrations.

From ice rinks to seasonal performances, Dubai’s Christmas markets provide a delightful and memorable experience for locals and visitors alike.

So make sure you don’t miss the markets at all!

The best Dubai Christmas markets can be found at:

  • Madinat Jumeirah Festive market – offers entertainment and joy to all.
  • Winter Garden at Habtoor City – with a full schedule of events, food trucks, shopping stalls, and more.
  • Winter District at Emirates Towers – offers areas for snowball fights and Christmas trees, among other holiday treats, for a fun experience.

Christmas at Ski Dubai

Christmas at Ski Dubai
Photo credit: Christie Real State Dubai

Missing the snow during the holiday season? The weather in Dubai won’t help you with that, but snow parks will.

Located within the Mall of the Emirates, this indoor ski facility becomes a wintry paradise around the Christmas season.

Additionally, Christmas sweets such as mince pies, peppermint hot chocolate, and gingerbread penguins are available. For all ages, the snow park provides thrilling adventures with skiing, snowboarding, and toboggan runs.

Ski Dubai offers a delightful holiday atmosphere that blends the excitement of winter sports with the warmth of the holiday season.

Celebrate Christmas at the Global Village

Celebrate Christmas at the Global Village

The world’s best is on display at Dubai’s Global Village.

Global Village, featuring 27 pavilions representing various regions.

Also, experience a diverse shopping, entertainment, fine dining, and cultural experience, featuring regional cuisine, live performances, and customs.

However, the park transforms into a festive wonderland during Christmas, featuring a grand Christmas tree and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, attracting locals and tourists alike.

James, a regular visitor, says – “Global Village is the ideal family visit this holiday season, offering festive mainstays, seasonal shopping, and celebratory treats from around the globe.”

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Visit Winter City at Expo City Dubai

Visit Winter City at Expo City Dubai
Photo credit: The National News

For the Christmas season, Expo City will once more become Winter City, running from December 15, 2023, until January 7, 2024.

There will be a family-friendly fair and seasonal market with a chalet theme.

In addition, there will be workshops and activities like decorating gingerbread, enjoying holiday food and beverages, and of course, visiting Santa’s Grotto.

Diana, a traveler, advises – “Winter City is a lovely site to visit with children, especially for letters to Santa. Nevertheless, the waterfall is present. They added a zipline.”

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Have Christmas Day brunches in Dubai

Have Christmas Day brunches in Dubai

Dubai’s Christmas Day brunches are a popular tradition, featuring a blend of traditional Christmas dishes and international flavors.

Nevertheless, these elaborate events are hosted by renowned hotels and restaurants, catering to diverse palates and featuring a variety of culinary delights.

Enjoy delicious Christmas buffets and brunches at some of Dubai’s top restaurants with your loved ones. Enjoy Christmas the proper way!

Make time for a traditional Christmas dinner in Dubai

Make time for a traditional Christmas dinner in Dubai
Photo credit: Bayut

In Dubai, a traditional Christmas dinner is a delightful way to celebrate the holiday season.

Christmas Day dining in Dubai offers more than turkey and sprouts, with top hotels and restaurants preparing a spectacular seasonal feast.

Experience a memorable Christmas dinner in Dubai, blending comfort with luxury and multicultural charm, showcasing the city’s skyline and luxurious dining settings.

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Weather in Dubai at Christmas

Weather in Dubai at Christmas

The weather in Dubai is usually mild and pleasant around Christmas.

Late December is expected to have pleasant weather with average daytime highs of 26°C/78.8°F and seawater temperature of 25.6°C/78°F.

Although nights can be a little cooler, particularly in the desert regions, overall the temperature is higher than in many other places associated with Christmas.

However, visitors can expect sunny days, making outdoor activities and festivities a popular choice during the holiday season.


Is Dubai busy over Christmas?

Yes, Dubai tends to be busy over Christmas. The city is a popular holiday destination, attracting tourists and residents alike with festive events, shopping extravaganzas, and special celebrations.

Is Dubai expensive during Christmas?

Yes, Dubai can be relatively expensive during Christmas. However, the level of expense can vary based on personal choices and preferences.

Is it possible to go swimming in Dubai in December?

Yes, it is possible to go swimming in Dubai in December. While the weather is cooler compared to the summer months, daytime temperatures are generally mild, ranging from around 20-25 degrees Celsius.

Does it snow in Dubai in December?

No, it does not snow in Dubai in December. While the temperatures may be cooler, snowfall is extremely rare in Dubai, and the city typically experiences a dry and mild winter with no snow.

How many days should you spend in Dubai?

Many visitors find that 4 to 5 days allows ample time to explore the city’s key attractions, indulge in shopping, and enjoy various activities. This timeframe allows for a mix of cultural experiences, entertainment, and relaxation, providing a well-rounded Dubai experience.

What do Arabs do for Christmas?

Muslims and Christians celebrate Christmas together. The country’s streets are filled with celebration as houses, shops, shopping malls, and streets are all carefully decorated for the holiday.

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